Nine Guanajuato nursing students in Ashland for Cultural Exchange Program

Seven nursing students from the Universidad de Guanajuato participated in a Cultural Exchange Program with the OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) School of Nursing Ashland Campus at SOU ( The students were in Ashland for 3 weeks (14 April – 3 May), along with their professor Alfredo Lara Morales. During their stay, each student worked on a project at one of OHSU’s 35 local clinical sites along with collaborating OHSU students and professors. The Amigo Club supported their activities by sponsoring a breakfast and attending the students’ final presentations at SOU on 3 May. Photos below are by Karen Grove unless otherwise stated.

On Saturday, 27 April, the Amigo Club sponsored a breakfast for the visiting Guanajuatenses at El Tapatio Mexico Restaurant in Ashland. Attending were Amigo Club members, the seven Guanajuato nursing students and their professor (in black shirt in front row), the three Guanajuato students currently studying at SOU during the winter and spring terms (, OHSU Associate Dean Heather Voss (in back row), OHSU Administrative Manager Rebecca Soto (in yellow shirt at upper left), and Ashlanders providing housing for the visiting Guanajuatenses. Photo by Doug Kendig.

The seven nursing students from Guanajuato introducing themselves. Sean Van Ausdell (Amigo Club treasurer) is at the left. Photo by Doug Kendig.

On Friday, 3 May, the Guanajuato students presented results of the clinical studies they had completed during the previous three weeks. Here is one of the students presenting results to the group that included other nursing students, professors, OHSU staff, and Amigo Club members. Nadia Dolores Hernandez Gonzalez and Diana Jazmín Barajas Godinez studied: Addressing stress and other negative emotions related to trauma at La Clinica (one of OSHU’s clinical sites).

This slide is from the presentation of Tabatha Marian Gutierrez Martinez, who studied Nutrition in school aged children: a tool for health promotion at Rogue Valley Farm2School (one of OSHU’s clinical sites). Noting that 37% of children 10–17 in Oregon are obese and 18% are overweight, Tabatha designed a story called Veggieville that includes appealing graphics of children eating healthy food to encourage children in Oregon to develop good eating habits.

The other two presentations were:

(1) Addressing bullying at Kids Unlimited Academy (one of OSHU’s clinical sites) by Diana Paola Escobar Rangel and Denisse Arizbeth Barragan Navarro.

(2) Latino community perceptions of end-of-life care services (in conjunction with Celia’s House, one of OSHU’s clinical sites) by Ricardo Jasso and Silvia Viridiana Macias.

OHSU Associate Dean Heather Voss presents certificates to Professor Alfredo Lara Morales for his role in bringing students from Guanajuato to participate in the Cultural Exchange Program, for helping students with their clinical studies, and for presenting results of his own doctoral research about cancer to a statewide medical group.

After the presentations, the group gathered for a photo. Included are the seven nursing students from Guanajuato (with certificates), Professors Voss and Morales who direct the program, Rebecca Soto who provides administrative support, OHSU professors and nursing students, and those who provided local housing for the visiting Guanajuatenses.

Although the OHSU group is unable to travel to Mexico this year, they are working hard to go next year, so this program can continue to be a two-way exchange.