Entre Amigo News

Each month since July 2015, the Amigo Club has been publishing the “Entre Amigos” (Between Friends) column in the Ashland Daily Tidings.

Most of the columns are written by Amigo Club member Kernan Turner, who had a long and distinguished journalism career that took him around the world, including many assignments in Latin America.

We invite you to read these news items to find out more about the activities of the Amigo Club and the Ashland/Guanajuato sister-city relationship.

The Ashland Tidings also maintains an archive of Entre Amigos columns: https://ashlandtidings.com/lifestyle/amigo-club



86_2024May23_Sister City cooperative projects are going strong

85_2024Jan13_Sister City club fills the house again with fundraiser dinner

84_2023Nov6_Sister city club to hold annual Guanajuato Nights dinner and auction at SOU

83_2023July11_Guanajuato joins in Ashland’s July 4 celebration

82_2023May1._Guanajuato and Ashland college analyze small businesses

81_2023Jan9_Amigo Club grants two exchange student scholarships

80_2022Nov19_Sister city firefighters come to Ashland to pick up ambulances

79_2022Aug5_SOU President’s Medal goes to outstanding Guanajuato couple

78_2022July12_Sister City representatives celebrate 4th of July in Ashland

77_2022July3_A tale of two cities connected at the heart-Guanajuato & Ashland

76_2022June8_Sister Cities Ashland and Guanajuato celebrate summer festivities

75_2022Apr3_Guanajuato percussionist to teach at SOU

74_2022Mar6_Sister City universities get down to business

73_2020Nov20_COVID-19 curtails Guanajuato Day of the Dead festivities

72_2020Oct20_Virtual student exchange program dodges COVID-19 pandemic

71_2020Sept14_When a sister is sick … it’s necessary to visit her

70_2020July21_Exchange students reflect on time in Ashland

69_2020June30_Guanajuato councilor updates Ashland on sister city

68_2020May19_Pandemic forces suspension of Ashland-Guanajuato exchanges

67_2020Apr21_Guanajuato quiet as pandemic plays out

66_2020Mar16_Sister city supporter provides vacation stay for 11 from Ashland

65_2020Feb17_Video creators help highlight sister-city relationship

64_2020Jan20_Sister cities celebrate milestones in 2019

63_2019Dec16_Guanajuato students thankful for sister-city exchange

62_2019Nov18_Fundraiser pushes scholarship endowment to nearly $200,000

61_2019Oct15_Ashland Chamber of Commerce honors Amigo Club

60_2019Sept17_Guanajuato films to play at World Film Week

59_2019August19_Keeping close sister-city relations

58_2019July16_Independence Day celebration

57_2019June17_Celebrating 50th anniversary in Guanajuato

56_2019June14_Friendship is a pathway to peace

55_2019June7_Ashland helps Guanajuato attain World Peace Flame

54_2019June4_Ashland salutes Guanajuato’s bomberos

53_2019May20_Nursing students return from sister city exchange

52_2019April17_Ashland, Guanajuato celebrate 50th sister-city anniversary

51_2019April10_Ashland Honors early advocate of sister-city relations

50_2019April9_Mayors proclaim Guanajuato Day

49_2019April5_Ashland, Guanajuato celebrate 50 years of sister-city friendship

48_2019Mar19_Preparations underway for Sister City travelers

47_2019Feb18_50 years of Sister City relations

46_2019Jan14_Wearing her traveling scars proudly

45_2018Dec16_Club honors seven for boosting Sister City ties

44_2018Nov19_Guanajuato Nights fundraiser a success

43_2018Oct16_Ashlanders join in Guanajuato festival

42_2018Sept17_Sister city celebrates IndependenceDay

41_2018Aug28_Entre Amigos- 50 years of amistad—a model of global community

40_2018July22_Little Leaguers share Sister City experience together

39_2018July16_Ashland, Guanajuato to celebrate 50 years of sisterhood

38_2018June27_Mural of Ashland dedicated in Guanajuato

37_2018June19_Ashland mural dedicated in Guanajuato

36_2018May14_AHS ambassadors prepare for Guanajuato visit

35_2018Apr17_Guanajuato mural work in progress

34_2018Mar19_Mirroring murals connect sister cities

33_2018Feb19_Club was very active in 2017

32_2018Jan18_Mural of Ashland to go up in Guanajuato

31_2018Jan15_SOU exchange students rave about Guanajuato

30_2017Dec19_Ashland mural set for Guanajuato

29_2017Nov21_Sister City supporters gather to support program

28_2017Oct16_Amigo Club plans annual dinner:auction

27_2017Sept20_Guanajuato sends aid to Mexico City

26_2017Aug15_Festival queen waits 33 years for first visit

25_2017July18_Guanajuato visitors celebrate 4th of July in Ashland

24_2017June22_Ashland and Guanajuato exchange festival visitors

23_2017May16_Wellness coordinator lauds Sister City ties

22_2017Apr15_Ashland little leaguers practice baseball diplomacy

21_2017March4_Together toward a brighter future

20_2016Feb15_University exchange student program participants thrive

19_2017Jan17_Ashland fire officer and family visit Guanajuato

18_2016Dec20_Annual Guanajuato Nights dinner bolsters scholarship endowment fund

17_2016Nov16_Ashland, Guanajuato, continue to play ball — and love it

16_2016Oct19_Students earn Amigo Club scholarships

15_2016Sept20_Sister City celebrates 44th annual Cervantes Festival

14_2016Aug15_Guanajuato dog rescuers raising funds for shelter

13_2016July18_Guanajuato visitors join Fourth of July celebrations

12_2016June20_Sister Cities share summer celebrations

11_2016May16_Sister City universities open new era of collaboration

10_2016Apr18_SOU president to visit University of Guanajuato in May

9_2016Mar14_Two Ashland students to represent city in Guanajuato

8_2016Feb15_University exchange student program participants thrive

7_2016Jan18_Exchange programs strengthen Ashland-Guanajuato ties

5_2015Nov16_Sister-city relationship celebrated at Guanajuato Nights

4_2015Oct19_City of Ashland backs Amigo Club efforts

3_2015_Sept15_Second Guanajuato student enrolls at Ashland High

1_2015July20_Sister cities’ summer connection