Introducing the 2024 Ashland Youth Ambassador to Guanajuato—Mackenzie Locklin

Mackenzie is just finishing her junior year at Ashland High School. She is excited to travel to Guanajuato, our beautiful sister city, as the Ashland Youth Ambassador. She has been active in the community over the years. As a member of the rowing team, she helped to coordinate events and fundraisers. Mackenzie joined The Leadership team in her high school—in this capacity she helped to plan student events, some including police officers and national guard soldiers. She joined the wrestling team and helped to coordinate their events, including the homecoming float. Next year, while a senior, she will serve as Vice President of the student body.  Mackenzie is grateful for the opportunity to represent Ashland in Guanajuato. She will travel there in mid June and participate in events associated with the Festival of San Juan.

The Festival of San Juan Bautista is a major holiday for Guanajuatenses. Various events lead up to the main event on June 24th, the feast day of the saint. On the 24th, city residents flock to the park around the Presa de la Olla (Dam of the Pot) to celebrate with dancing, music, picnics, and fireworks. A few days later, residents return to the Presa de la Olla reservoir to celebrate the annual opening of the floodgates. This event has been celebrated since the 18th century—it is known as the “Apertura de la Presa de la Olla” (Opening of the Presa de la Olla Floodgates). It is attended by the mayor of Guanajuato, the governor of Guanajuato State, and various other officials. The state band performs during the day, making sure to include the traditional waltz “Sobre Las Olas (Over the Waves).

Mackenzie will join Señora Chela, Mayor Graham, City Councilor  Dahle, chaperone Maria Lumbreras, and three members of the Lions Club—Nancy Lynch, Carolina Mona-Keene, and Cristian Mendoza Ruvalcaba—in helping Guanajuatenses celebrate this important annual event.

Below are two photos of Mackenzie—participating in the rowing team (left side) and wrestling team (right side).