Celebrating 50 years of sister-city relationship between Ashland and Guanajuato

To read the Amigo Club President’s message to members about anniversary events, please download the letter by clicking on “50th_anniversary” below. A brief explanation is provided below; please go to the DONATE page to contribute.


Mexicans to visit Ashland

To celebrate the 50th anniversary between our two cities, visitors from Guanajuato will be visiting Ashland from April 5–10. Although the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of organizing the activities, the Amigo Club is playing an important roll by making a substantial donation for transportation, organizing the Home Stay program for our visitors, sponsoring an event to La Clinica, and sponsoring a party on April 10 at the Ashland Springs Hotel in downtown Ashland.

We invite you to join the party with our Mexican visitors on April 10. To help defray costs, we are asking Amigo Club members to pay $20/person, which will include an entreé, two sides, desert, 3 beverages (e.g., wine or margaritas), and musical entertainment. To reserve your space, and pay your admission fee, please click on the DONATE page, where you can “Add to Cart” the number of people in your group. PLEASE NOTE: AMIGO CLUB DINNER IS NOW FULL.

Karen (web mistress) in front of mural (the streets of Guanajuato) on Calle Guanajuato in Ashland. Mexican visitors will enjoy seeing the mural of their city in our alleyway.

Ashlanders to visit Mexico and deliver baby packets

To continue the celebration, Ashlanders will be in Mexico on May 27–31. The Amigo Club board members will form the official delegation, but other members may choose to participate as well. If you are interested, please contact Mina, club president (amigo@97520.net).

The Amigo Club is contributing ~100 newborn clothing packets for distribution in Guanajuato. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please go to the DONATE page where you can choose this option.

Amigo Club members Lynn Lamoree, Suzanne Haveman, and Marti Fabian Krause spear-headed the effort to purchase and organize items for these adorable baby packets. The effort is being carried out in coordination with former Guanajuato city councilman Juan Carlos Delgado Zárate, who will be visiting Ashland in April.

An example of the adorable baby packets that Amigo Club members have assembled for pregnant women in the mining communities near Guanajuato.